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What is the Filipino Fighting Arts University and what do we offer?

The Filipino Fighting Arts Association offers an apprentice instructor education in Filipino Martial Arts in the form of a correspondence course, similar to the fitness trainer license courses provided by professional fitness associations. We wish to indicate this fact and this training format simply by the term “University”.


What and for whom is the FFAA apprentice instructor education?

The apprentice instructor education is for anyone who is interested in learning the Filipino Martial Arts in a structured way from scratch. Unlike in “normal” workshops, the basics, training forms and applications from the areas of double stick, single stick, knife and unarmed fighting are communicated step by step and in a structured way, giving the participants a very solid and structured basis in Filipino Fighting Arts.

T-Shirts Men greyBesides effective techniques, the FFAA training is characterized by a well structured training concept accompanied by professional material. The various areas and their techniques are intensely trained, giving the students a comprehensive and solid set of tools regarding both for martial arts in general and of course for Filipino Fighting Arts in particular. In addition, the participants at every workshop receive a CD with a pdf-document containing all the techniques of their level illustrated with numerous pictures and additional video clips.

This training program is a unique chance for martial artists who do not have the opportunity or time to train regularly with a qualified instructor of Filipino Martial Arts in their vicinity.

Especially for instructors of other martial arts this is a very good opportunity to gain additional qualification. After only one year of training they can receive the FFAA Apprentice Instructor title with the corresponding instructor licence. With this qualification the instructor can officially offer Filipino Fighting Arts at his association or sports club and teach the examination program of the FFAA.



Quality wins through!

Besides their combined more than 50 years‘ experience in martial arts and many years of teaching experience, the heads of the FFAA University, Timm Blaschke and Marcus Ruddies, have more than 10 years’ experience in instructor education and have educated more than 100 apprentice instructors and trainers of Filipino Martial Arts worldwide so far. Comments on previous education:

"I would like to thank Timm Blaschke. I trained with him recent years and was able to improve my knowledge in the weapons area. He is an excellent martial artist, one of my best trainers and whole-heartedly recommended by me."
Christian Braun, Head Instructor Open Mind Combat, 7. Dan Combat Ju-Jitsu, 5. Dan Ju Jutsu, Madunong Guro IKAEF, …

"The apprentice instructor education and the training in Filipino Fighting Arts in general is the best thing I got to know and completed during my 30 years of martial arts. The education is very comprehensive and nearly perfect, as it covers all areas of self-defense and martial arts. It is suitable for newcomers as well as lateral entrants. The costs of the education as apprentice instructor of the FFAA are moderate and fair. My special thanks to Guro Marcus Ruddies and his professional training methodology."
Brandt, policeman, 2. Dan Ju-Jutsu, instructor for Ju-Jutsu and Ju-Jutsu Allkampf. Kampfsportschule Sochin, Travemünde

"As a long-standing trainer for Ju-Jutsu and modern self-defense with more than 20 years of martial arts experience I’ve been able to appreciate the value of the Filipino martial arts as complement to non-weapons-based systems for a fairly long time. With the Filipino Fighting Arts I have now been given an excellently structured system covering all areas of self-defense from the beginning, and I cannot imagine my daily training routine without it anymore!"
Uwe Weishaupt, 2. Dan Ju Jutsu, … Fight Club Fulda

"There is no doubt that the trainer education is excellently structured and thought through. Lateral entrants from other Budo arts, as well as beginners, are very well introduced to the subject and built up step by step. Up to now we have not seen anything comparable in over 20 years of Budo experience. Especially because everything is communicated in such an easy way with lots of fun, but nevertheless with the necessary discipline. A true enrichment."
Klaus Rudolf
, 2. Dan Taekwondo; Dieter Binnig, 2. Dan Taekwondo, Budo Kunst e.V.

"If you want to learn Filipino Martial Arts at the highest standard, didactically structured in an excellent way, in a friendly, competent and relaxed training atmosphere, you MUST come to Timm Blaschke."
Dipl. Psych. Roberto D'Amelio, 20 years fighting arts experience, sports psychotherapist/ behavior therapy supervisor

"Training with Guro Marcus Ruddies brought me a lot of fun, as well as friendly social interaction. Marcus Ruddies does not only teach effective techniques, but also explains why they are practiced that way as well as the underlying principles. The FFAA’s teaching material is also very professional and comprehensive. Lots of material and many reasonable techniques and principles which I can integrate into my professional activities very well."
Poppenhusen, police operations trainer, 1. Dan Ju Jutsu, former youth instructor of SHJJV (Schleswig-Holsteinischer Ju-Jutsu-Verband), Kiel

"The trainer education I started with Guro Timm Blaschke has provided me with a profound and professional training in Filipino Martial Arts, which I also apply very successfully at my school. My pupils benefit a lot from the knowledge and practical abilities I achieved there, and which are also continuously renewed and expanded."
Markus Hübner
, 3. LG Su Ceng, 2. Dan kickboxing, …

Stick-disarm"I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the many workshops and the trainer education at the FFAA. For over 25 years I have visited many martial arts workshops in many different styles and schools. The FFAA courses are set apart not only with regard to the technical contents, but especially due to the instructors. The two style founders’ fun and passion for (not only) Filipino Martial Arts are passed on to the participants.

The contents of the trainer education are consequently built up on the previous part of the education. Besides teaching the examination subjects, the trainer education works towards a complete educational program. The participants are shown concepts, principles and exercises to help promote a progressive learning progress. The education combines traditional approaches of Asian fighting arts with the latest findings of sports science. All the contents are treated in theory and practice. In practice the participants have enough time at their disposal to try their hand at the lesson contents and ask questions they might have. The most modern media and communication devices are employed for the participants’ support.

Besides the local workshops, the instructors readily give the participants advice going beyond the education. The instructors willingly answers questions or accept suggestions regarding their training activities by e-mail or telephone.The workshops and trainer education of the FFAA have advanced me very far."
Stefan Marchlewski, 4.
Dan Ju-Jutsu, 2. technician  WuMei, graduated trainer Ju-Jutsu



How is the FFAA apprentice instructor education course structured?

This correspondence course has a time frame of approximately one year, about 50 hours of personal instructions by a qualified FFAA instructor of the FFAA University in six weekend seminars, attendant documents (a CD with textbook, pictures and video clips for each Level) and three level examinations.

The time between the seminars is used for workout and reconditioning at home. During this time the participants are supported by phone and Email.

After successfully completing participation at all seminars and passing the three level examinations the participant gets the opportunity to demonstrate his knowledge in a theoretical examination (multiple choice) and in a demonstration lesson to become a recognized FFAA apprentice instructor and get permission to teach the Filipino Fighting Arts and to found his own FFAA group.

1st Seminar Theoretical introduction
  Minimum 8 hours seminar FFA Level 1 program
2-4 months time to practice the new techniques
2nd Seminar Possible examination to FFA Level 1
  Minimum 8 hours seminar FFA Level 2 weapon program
2-4 months time to practice the new techniques
3rd Seminar Possible examination to FFA Level 1
  Minimum 8 hours seminar FFA Level 2 empty hand program and weapon review
2-4 months time to practice the new techniques
4th Seminar Possible examination to FFA Level 2
  Minimum 8 hours seminar FFA Level 3 weapon program
2-4 months time to practice the new techniques
5th Seminar Possible examination to FFA Level 2
  Minimum 8 hours seminar FFA Level 3 empty hand program and weapon review
2-4 month time to practice the new techniques and participation in a first aid course
6th Seminar Examination to FFA Level 3
  Minimum 8 hours seminar FFA Level 1-3 program with different games, variations and a lot of training ideas.
  Multiple-choice-test and demonstration lesson

What are the investments for this education program to become a FFAA apprentice instructor?

For the complete Apprentice Instructor Education Program the price is less than 700 €. You then get a professional education and become an internationally recognized apprentice instructor under the Filipino Fighting Arts Association in only one year. Six weekend seminars, four examinations, four program CDs (Level 1 - Level 4) plus one FFAA Instructor CD, FFAA membership for one year and one FFAA t-shirt are included. If you convert the investment it is about 50 € per month for high class instructional training, program books, exam ... all included. This is a great value deal!

You might have some other costs for personal equipment (sticks, knife, gloves, t-shirts) and traveling. Regardless it is an incredibly low price, and you get a great opportunity. You will learn a lot, you will increase your skills in Martial Arts, you will have fun and at the end you will get the license to teach Filipino Fighting Arts.


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